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Here are some quotes from some of my clients, they are presented anonymously and with permission

Thank you for today. I feel like a fizzy bottle who has had the lid opened a bit - I am feeling a release and less stressed.

Counselling has enabled me to feel hopeful that I can work things out in my head and do things differently in the future whilst maintaining who I want to be.

It was such a comfort to share my struggles with Nicola and to know that I had a safe, understanding, non judgmental space for myself and a sympathetic, listening ear. My counselling with Nicola was at a very difficult time when I was juggling several big life challenges simultaneously and felt quite helpless. It was very helpful for me to have a regular time to check in and share how things were going and any new difficulties. Our counselling sessions calmed me down and really helped me to have a more balanced perspective, to be kinder to myself and to see things more clearly.

My life is very stressful and busy. Counselling gives me the space to breathe and download what is going on. Saying things aloud brings clarity and perspective.

Nicola has helped bring me through my problems and see my way through both the good and the bad. I will never be able to thank Nicola enough for helping me with life's brickbats. Life isn't easy and it will never be perfect but now I have both feet back on the path and with her help I am dealing with life.

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